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Ron Wheeler

I have always questioned the usefulness of this.
 - no sound or video synchronization - impossible to make a triple-E learning product without this.
 - most good e-learning has visual elements that summarize an idea whereas manuals and legal documents require fully expanded documentation of the topic.
 - visuals are more important than text

It just seemed like a hard way to make an inferior product. When this came out, we were trying to kill the reputation of e-learning as being dull, boring and ineffective. This was not a modern solution.

In the early 2000s,  used XML to drive our e-learning course delivery tool but the XML content was nothing like what the DITA extension produced - dynamic image and text synchronization with audio and video, control over font, color and style of text and its position on the screen.

I like the Ken Burns approach to education and I have a hard time to see DITA as a viable way to produce engaging courses.

If you load up the DITA with all of the artifacts required to control a good e-learning course, the maintainers of the content are going to either ignore the learning tags or curse the person who cluttered up a perfectly reasonable topic with links to sounds (that they now have to change to match the spec - would be great but not going to happen) and is asking them to pick fonts and icons for the stuff that they are fixing.

IMHO, It is not a good match.

I may be a bit harsh but I am not surprised that it has not got any traction.


On 2020-05-28 4:09 p.m., ekimber@... wrote:
We did a really cheap SCORM output generator as part of the original L&T subcommittee and the code is around but not necessarily that useful. As part of that John Hunt also put together a really cheap LMS implementation that gave you interactive assessments in the browser. That stuff is now more than 10 years old.

The original L&T markup design was based directly on QTI and reflects many of the (at least at that time) QTI limitations on interaction structure.

The L&T interaction 2 design is more flexible but might pose some QTI generation challenges--I don't think we have any general experience with that transform--the requirements were driven much more by the needs of printed tests.

A SCORM package is very similar to an EPUB package (same basic packaging standards), so if I was to do it today I would probably adapt the D4P EPUB transform to do SCORM generation.

Another annoying aspect was that the SCORM materials are not themselves redistributable, so at least at the time you couldn't make an open-source package that you could just download and use--you had to manually add the SCORM stuff to it.

Not sure that helps....



Eliot Kimber

On 5/28/20, 7:21 AM, "Eric Sirois" < on behalf of easirois@...> wrote:

Hi Wim,
Check the old learning and training sub committee. Their work was related to DITA and scorm. Not sure about qti though.


On Thursday, May 28, 2020, 8:08 AM, Wim Hooghwinkel <wim@...> wrote:

Hi all,
did anyone ever work on a DITA 2 SCORM transformation, or DITA to QTI? Any experience you may want to share? Or plugins?

Contact me off-list!


Vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,
Wim Hooghwinkel

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