Re: Confused with Profiling and Ditaval #Oxygen #reuse

Radu Coravu

Hi Matt,

One option is indeed to have three image references in the topic, each with a different profiling attribute value and filter using the DITAVAL filters.

Another option is to use a keyref for the image:

<image keyref="imageKey"/>

and define in each published DITA Map the same key name bound to a different resource, like:

<keydef keys="imageKey" href="path/to/image.png" format="png"/>

Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor
On 5/28/20 3:26 AM, Matt Lorenzi via wrote:

I thought I could finally take a deeper dive into single sourcing, but I'm getting conflicted with the approach I should use. I am using Oxygen XML Author.

I have three product manuals, and I am using three different maps - so far so good. Much of the content is shared, so those topics are pulling from a common folder via conref.

I have one topic that is 99% shared by all three, but in each variant I want to show a different image. So this is where I get confused. What is the best approach to use?
Do I insert all three images into the topic and then attach a profiling attribute to them? Would I define three product attribute values, then define which one to use in my map? How then do I select which one to use on output? 

I think this is where I get stumped: is this is is a DITAval situation, or a Profile Condition Set situation, or neither? Again, I am using three maps, not trying to build three manuals from one map. So maybe I am overthinking this?

This may be easy stuff, but I've done very little single sourcing to date. I've done the Learning Dita courses, and while helpful I could use some in depth Oxygen training to really get me going (hint, hint).


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