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Ron Wheeler

If this were true, hardly anyone could use DITA.
Does anyone produce a document today without an email address or a web site reference somewhere in it?
"" is not the same as "dita-users@groups. io". "facebook. com" is not "".

DITA without support for real numbers (2.5, 3.1416, 42.0, etc.)  could hardly be a useful product for producing labels or data sheets.

It has to be something else going on here.


On 2020-04-29 3:10 p.m., David H wrote:
Hi Grant, Char,

Yes, I do understand that you both DO NOT want a break at a period.

Myself and Noel are asking, "Why does a renderer break at a period?"

The fact that at least one renderer DOES break at a period makes no sense to me, unless it is to support languages other than English.

The typical English sentence structure should, surely, break at the space after a period, NOT at the period.

So, my thoughts are that it is either the renderer that is at fault, or there maybe something in the FO stream that causes the renderer to break at the period. That is, the renderer has decided that a break must go somewhere at that point in the FO stream, and has chosen the period as the 'least worst' option.

Could someone from one or other of the renderer companies please explain the rationale for breaking at a period, please?


Hi David.
One answer to your question about breaking at a period is "version numbers".  If I have version 12.4.0055 of something, I don't want a line break in the middle of the number.  
Another would be money. You don't want $12.55 to break at the period.
I'm sure that there are others, but those are the ones I have had to deal with.

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On Wed, Apr 29, 2020 at 8:59 AM David H <djbhollis@...> wrote:
Hi Char,

I think Jean-Noël is right. Why would a period cause a break? In sentence structure, surely it's the space after a period that causes the break? The period and space should be at the end of the first line, not at the start of the second line.

But those would be the rules for English. Are there other languages that would break on a period, or use a period without a following space in sentence structure?


Hi,  Jean-Noël :-)

I don't want a space after the period...I want "x.y" to stay together, not break across lines.

Hi, Wayne :-)

I tried the Cool Symbols site, and while I can copy-and-paste other symbols, nothing really happens when I copy "word joiner" (ZWJ). I've tried on both laptops, and when I paste into Notepad or the text view in Arbortext, the apps think I did something (because they want me to save when I close), but nothing appears. 

I also tried publishing after inserting ZWJ, but the issue still occurs.

Thanks to everyone who helped :-) I'll have to think of something else.


On Wed, Apr 29, 2020 at 3:33 AM Jean-Noël AVILA <avila.jn@...> wrote:

AFAIK, a period is non-breaking by default. Even when writing a sentence, you don't want the period to be sent on the next line.

I would suspect the action of a "smart" automatic corrector inserting a space after the period when rendering.

Best regards,


Le 27/04/2020 à 19:54, CharJTF a écrit :
Hi :-)

I've tried a number of things to try to keep a version number together (for example, "3.x") when a) it's included in a topic title and b) the topic is the target of an <xref>.

I've added <_nolinebreak> around the version in the title, but it's being ignored in the <xref>. The version number is split across lines, with "3." on one line and "x" on the next.

Does anyone know of a solution? I'm not aware of any character called "non-breaking period".



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