Re: --args.output.base="%~ni"

Mark Giffin


What happens when you try this? Any errors? It seems like it should work. One comment, there is a space in this parameter that might mess something up: --args.output.base=" %~ni"

Remove the space.

Mark Giffin
Mark Giffin Consulting, Inc.

On 4/21/2020 8:06 AM, scott ashmead via wrote:
Hi All,

I'm using a DOS "for loop" to execute a DITA-OT command line.
The problem is that I need to change the output file name for each loop so that I don't overwrite the previous output file.

I'm trying to use --args.output.base="%~ni" but it has no effect. 
The output file is always named Global.xml because that's what the name of the ditamap is (Global.ditamap)

Is there another parameter I can/should use?

For more context, here's the complete command:

for %i in (c:\temp_test\*.xml) do (
dita -input C:\Global_Map\Global.ditamap -format resxml -output C:\curl_XML\ --args.filter="C:\ditaval\%~ni.ditaval" -DditaValFilePath="%~ni" --args.output.base=" %~ni")

Thank you,

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