Re: Using roboto font #DITA-OT #PDF

Kristen James Eberlein

I have used Roboto as the font for PDF plug-ins without any problems.

Have you:

  • Verified that the Roboto fonts are installed on the system where DITA-OT installed?
  • Examined the DITA-OT log to see if there are errors about fonts not being found?
  • Correctly specified Roboto in the font mappings file?
  • Correctly specified the font mappings file in the catalog file?

Thank you for making me aware of the Oxygen resource about PDF customization; I was not aware of it.


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On 3/24/2020 2:13 PM, ronny.flink@... wrote:
Dear DITA users,
Please, I hope anyone here can help me, because this is making me go insane.
I’m trying to publish a PDF with the Roboto using DITA-OT 3.3.1 and FOP.
I have tried to follow this step by step:
But without any success, feels like I have made every minor tweak a hundred times. The font-mapping works and I can get fonts like Tahoma or Trebucet in the PDF output.
Also tried all kinds of changes to the fop.xconf.
If anyone of you have made Roboto font work with FOP, please share.

Best regards

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