Best way to represent images at the book/cover page level #images #bookmap

Stuart Norton

We are just getting started with our move to DITA and would appreciate some advice.


Some of our books are presented with an image on the title page or early in the book, before the frontmatter. What's the best way to represent something like that in DITA?


One suggestion was that we might use a <data> element inside the bookmeta, something like: <data name=”coverimage” value=”foo.jpg”/>.  But we would prefer to use the <image> element, so we can easily get things like preview in the editor. 


For example, it seems like it would be nice if we could put an <image> inside the <bookmeta> or directly inside <frontmatter>. But it looks like the only similar place images are allowed is inside booktitlealt, which seems a bit weird… The image definitely isn't part of an alternate title.


Any recommendations?




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