Re: Keyref/conkey ref conversion strategy - keyref all the things? #conref

Chris Papademetrious

I tripped across a complication with the keyref-all-the-things approach. :(

In DITA, a glossary is implemented as a specialized topic (<glossgroup>) that contains terms as nested specialized subtopics (<glossentry>). Unfortunately this means that the map must define @keys values for all glossary terms. :(  It's impractical to expect a writer to do this.

I'll ask our writers to use hrefs when referencing glossary terms, but I expect some pushback adding rules about requiring them to remember what kind of links to use where.

I wish DITA allowed ID-based references to subtopic elements nested within a topic, such as

<xref keyref="topic_key/subtopic_id"/>

as this still provides indirection value via the parent's key.

I found some discussion on this topic (hah!) in the comments section of

 - Chris

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