[Ann] Oxygen XML Suite Version 22.0 Release #Oxygen

Radu Coravu

Hi everyone,

We released Oxygen XML Author/Editor version 22.0 a few days ago.

The entire list of new improvements can be found here:

Listing below some new features which may be useful for our DITA users.


* DITA authoring enhancements include a new DITA Perspective that provides an optimal UI environment for working with DITA projects.

* Media resources (images, videos) are now presented in the DITA Reusable Components View.

* Support was added for the DITA-OT project file, used to define all the contexts and deliverables for a DITA publication project. Some of its benefits include simplified publishing using a single configuration file, the possibility to share and reuse project configurations, project-level validation support, and enhanced authoring.

* Text-to-Markup Automatic Conversions.
Some built-in frameworks have shortcut patterns that can be used to automatically insert a certain XML structure. The XML structure (fragment) automatically replaces a specific prefix pattern. For example, if you enter a hyphen (-) followed by a space at the beginning of a paragraph in a DITA document, the prefix pattern is replaced with an unordered list element (ul) with a child list item element (li). Similarly, "Note:" will be converted to a <note> element in DITA, and triple backticks to a codeblock element.

* The built-in Markdown editor is more powerful than ever. You can now apply business rule checks using real-time Schematron validation, and the editor now has synchronized scrolling between the source pane and preview pane, which offers the possibility of previewing the Markdown content as HTML, DITA, or Lightweight DITA, with the latter two facilitating the use of Markdown in the DITA ecosystem.


* DITA Outgoing References View Add-on. The new DITA Outgoing References View add-on contributes a side view that shows all outgoing references for the current DITA topic. This side-view includes contextual menu actions for opening an outgoing reference or showing the definition location.


* Oxygen Emmet Add-on. The new Oxygen Emmet add-on provides the means for high-speed coding and editing in Text mode or Author mode via a content assistance mechanism. . For details, see: Oxygen Emmet Plugin:


* Improvements to the Git Add-on. The Oxygen Git Support add-on has a new History side-view, a Show Blame action was added for presenting more details about a revision, and a Pull (rebase) action was added to the toolbar.

* More Types of Conversions Added to the Batch Converter Add-on. The batch converter add-on can now batch convert Microsoft Office files directly to DITA.


* The bundled DITA Open Toolkit was updated to version 3.4.

* DITA publishing to PDF using CSS was updated with various new parameters and styling features, and it is now possible to transform a single DITA topic to CSS-based PDF output.

* Introducing Oxygen Feedback - The New Comment Management Platform.
Version 22 marks the release of a new product called Oxygen Feedback. It is a modern comment management platform that provides a simple and efficient way for your community to interact and offer feedback. It can be embedded into WebHelp Responsive output or added to any HTML-based website. An add-on is also available that contributes a side view where you can see all the comments from your output directly in Oxygen. For more information, go to: https://www.oxygenxml.com/oxygen_feedback.html.

We hope you will enjoy Oxygen 22.0 and as always any feedback on it is welcomed.


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/> XML Editor

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