Warning statement for both ANSI and ISO #conditional-processing #hazard-statements

John Piechowski

We write manuals using ANSI icons and ISO icons. In many cases, our warning messages are the same except for icons.

Today, we use outputclass='iso' and modified DITA-OT to outputput the correct alert symbol (the exclamation triangle output by in the <note> tag.

<note outputclass="iso" type="warning" id="xxx">

Now we are trying to combine our ANSI and ISO warnings to eliminate duplication. Doing this means that outputclass no longer will work to select safety alert symbol.

We can use DITAVAL to output the correct specific hazard icon, but I am interested in feedback on the best way to handle the safety alert symbol.

I am thinking that we could use the same DITAVAL filter and hardcode in XSL to select the correct ANSI or ISO.
Something like:
<note ansiiso="iso" type="warning" id="xxx">

Then @ansiiso custom filter would select the correct image.

But I don't know if a solution that hardcodes a custom filter in XSL is really the best solution.

Is anyone else using the same warning text with both ANSI and ISO icons? If so, how are you solving this?

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