Conrefs and key scopes #DITA-OT #conref

Ozana Dragomir

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been asked before.

We have some "reusable content" DITA files where in some places we use keys - for example for product name, etc.

When publishing topics referenced from inside a defined keyscope, the keys in the conref-ed text are not resolved. It seems to be a problem with DITA-OT, as in oXygen Author the keys are resolved  properly.
Is there any combination of command line parameters or anything else that can give me the expected output? I need the keyscopes for publishing to WebHelp - multiple instances of the same document for different variants.
I'm using DITA-OT 3.3.4.


<chapter href="topics/topic_a.dita" format="dita" type="concept" keyscope="A">
        <keydef keys="var_variant_number">
        <topicref href="topics/topic_b.dita" />

topic_b.dita contains:
<p>For <keyword keyref="var_variant_number"/>, see <ph conref="../conrefs/doc_titles.dita#doc_titles/id_ph_TRM_title"/> for details.</p>
Note: using conkeyref here doesn't change anything, the output is the same.

doc_title.dita contains:
<ph id="id_ph_TRM_title"><keyword keyref="var_variant_number"/> Technical Reference Manual</ph>

The output will be:
        For AXxxx, see Technical Reference Manual for details.

Desired output:
       For AXxxx, see AXxxxTechnical Reference Manual for details.

Many thanks

Best regards,

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