Re: Using Lightweight DITA's HTML5 format? #LwDITA #HTML5


There's no reason that you can't just use a subset of DITA that almost completely resembles HTML.  Just use topic, and pretty much all that needs to be different it topic and title.  Just ignore all the other stuff.  With very little effort you can have people producing this minimal DITA in text editors. 

That's pretty much what we do...  We use conref and maybe a few other things, but we're effectively using a self-imposed LW DITA.  And then we just transform to HTML in the browser. 

Another approach could be to use XHTML, and then for translation set up a transform to DITA...  And back to XHTML again.  You just have to be a bit rigorous about the acceptable structure in your XHTML...  No nesting heading levels too deeply in a single file. 

Just a couple of thoughts...

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