modifying multiple instances of a topic in the same map?

Chris Papademetrious

If I reuse the same topic in multiple bookmaps, and those bookmaps have a difference in profiling attributes (let's say, @product), then I can customize the topic for each bookmap:

<topic id="mytopic">
  <title>My Topic</title>
    <p product="p1">This is customized for Product P1.</p>
    <p product="p2">This is customized for Product P2.</p>

But let's say I reuse a topic multiple times in the *same book*:

  <chapter ...>
    <topicref href="mytopic.dita" keys="my1"/>
  <chapter ...>
    <topicref href="mytopic.dita" keys="my2"/>

What mechanisms are available to customize each instance of that topic in the same book?

Is there a way to push a profiling attribute down into a referenced topic from the map?

 - Chris

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