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Radu Coravu

Hi Matt,

As Chris said, we do have plans to improve on this aspect in the Oxygen Chemistry PDF processor, probably add some extra CSS extensions to control this repetition of the table title on subsequent pages. I added your contact details on the internal issue.


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/> XML Editor

On 1/30/2020 7:19 PM, Matt Lorenzi via Groups.Io wrote:
I am using using OxygenXML Author to publish a ditamap to PDF. I am generally happy with the PDF output. Most of the styling is done in CSS and I have not had to tweak any other files - yet.
In our old authoring tool (Structured FrameMaker), we had the *table title* repeat on each page if the table spanned more than one page. It would then also insert a snippet stating *(Sheet 1 of 2)*, then *(Sheet 2 of 2)* on the next page, etc.
The table headers already repeat themselves, so that is take care of - but how do I get the table title to repeat?
Here is what I am trying to achieve:
then this:
Any help would be appreciated!

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