Re: Keyref/conkey ref conversion strategy - keyref all the things? #conref

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An older paper I presented on key best practices suggests that you should always have resource-only topicrefs for your topics and then use those from the navigation topicrefs.

I've since refined that approach such that it's only really necessary when you have either a high degree of re-use of your topics or, for whatever reason, it's better for you to implement this pattern everywhere.

Otherwise, if you have relatively little reuse of topics within or across maps, the extra overhead of resource-only topicrefs just to then use navigation (normal-role) topicrefs to put those topics into the navigation tree is not justified. Just be sure that all your navigation topicrefs also have appropriate keys.

For topics that serve as resources for content reference, you should always use resource-only keys.



Eliot Kimber

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Hi Eliot,
I was studying your first link yesterday :) Will check out the remainder tonight.

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