Glossary in a table #PDF #Oxygen #glossary

Matt Lorenzi <mjlorenzi@...>

I am using Oxygen to create a PDF output from a ditamap.
I would like my glossentry and glossterm sit next to each other rather than stacked, which is the default <block> behaviour.
I've tried to modify the CSS, playing around with display, position, padding, etc. Nothing works as I would like, so I think the best solution is to create a two-column table.
I am guessing this is something that has to be done with. XSLT? I have found snippets of code that should work, but don't know if I have to create a new XSLT file, or if there is one I can ad this to.
I'm in a bit of a crunch, so don't have time to dig too deep right now.

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