Re: Is anyone using DITA's SVG domain without using the technical content package (i.e. concept/task/reference/troubleshooting)? #SVG

Kristen James Eberlein

Hi, Jonathan.

We talked about your e-mail on today's DITA Technical Committee call. I am going to respond to one part of your question, and another TC member will address another.

So, why is the hazard statement domain included in the base package?

The base package was designed to include the most fundamental pieces of the DITA architecture:

  • Topic
  • Map
  • Subject scheme
  • The most basic domains: DITAVAL, hazard statement, highlighting, and utilities

Identified users for the package included marketing and medical information. We thought that the hazard statement domain would be necessary for medical information or marketing information about drugs or medical devices.

For more information about the three packages of DITA 1.3, see


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On 1/24/2020 3:00 PM, Jonathan Hanna wrote:
Hi Kris,

As mentioned previously, I am new to DITA, so please forgive the ignorance behind my questions and comments. 

Again, it seems odd that the SVG and MathML domains would not be included as part of the base package. Both SVG and MathML are commonly used with HTML. MS-Word comes with the ability to insert equations and markup images in documents by default and not as an add-on package. I would think that users would expect this to be part of the base DITA package as well. What is the rationale for not including these domains in the base package?

I also find it odd that the hazard statement domain would be included with the base package. The hazard statement domain seems like a natural fit for the technical content package, especially since they are specializations of notes. What is the rationale for including the hazard statement domain in the base package?

I know that these are discussions for technical committee meetings and I am not trying to start a debate. I am just a curious newbie :-).

Jonathan Hanna

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