Re: Adding "next topic", "previous topic" throughout an entire map? #HTML #linking

Lief Erickson

Hi Chris--

I ran into this issue with a few years ago with previous project but never did find a solution (I didn't dig too deep though either). I just took a look at the oXygen documentation[1] and noticed that it has the functionality that you want. Since the user guide is hosted on GitHub[2] I looked at the source and I noticed that @collection-type="sequence" is on the <bookmap> element and every <chapter> element. I generated HTML5 output and there were next/previous links for every page -- just as you want. I then removed every @collection-type="sequence" except the one from <bookmap>. Same result. There were next/prev links on every page. Thinking it might be an issue with <bookmap> versus <map> processing (who knows!) I made a valid <map> with <topicref> out of the oXygen user guide and regenerated. Still produced next/prev. links.

I don't know what it would be but maybe there's something in your environment? If nothing else, the oXygen user guide project might give you a hint.

On Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 6:51 AM Radu Coravu <radu_coravu@...> wrote:
Hi Chris,

This might not be a bug, the DITA 1.3 specs for collection-type seems to
always use the notion of "children":

so the attribute seems to only add links between siblings and not
between a topic and the sibling of its parent element.


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/> XML Editor

On 1/14/2020 4:25 PM, Chris Papademetrious wrote:
> Indeed, that was embarrassingly easy!
> However, there might be a bug. When I make the entire map a collection
> sequence:
> <map collection-type="sequence">
>    <title>This Book</title>
>    <topicref href="t1/topic0.dita">
>      <topicref href="t1/topic1.dita"/>
>      <topicref href="t1/topic2.dita"/>  <!-- this one has no Next Topic
> link -->
>    </topicref>
>    <topicref href="t2/topic0.dita">
>      <topicref href="t2/topic1.dita"/>
>      <topicref href="t2/topic2.dita"/>
>    </topicref>
>    <topicref href="t3/topic0.dita">
>      <topicref href="t3/topic1.dita"/>
>      <topicref href="t3/topic2.dita"/>
>    </topicref>
> </map>
> then the highlighted topic has no "Next Topic" link to the next
> top-level topic reference. Since all of these top-level topic references
> fall under the same collection sequence, navigation should continue
> throughout the sequence.
> Is there some special case for top-level topic elements to be excluded
> from collection-sequence processing? If not, I'll file a DITA-OT issue
> for this.
> Thank you!
>   - Chris

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