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Ron Wheeler


I am just a longtime user and use Eclipse (Spring Tool Suite) as my authoring environment.
I use standalone DITA-OT as well as the Maven plug-ins to publish my documents.

I do get by through Google which finds many useful pieces of documentation.

This discussion seems to have been prompted by a desire to create a new repository for DITA documentation oriented to actual use of DITA.

My point is that the documentation on the core organizations should be improved before we start a new wiki out of frustration.


On 2020-01-12 8:14 p.m., Tom Magliery wrote:

Hi Ron,

The first link you mentioned cannot be "fixed" per se. At least, that page can never be changed. It is a specification, not "documentation".

FWIW, there is a newer version of the DITA specification--version 1.3. Many changes and improvements were made to the specification from version 1.2 to 1.3. You can find version 1.3 here:

If you have suggestions for new DITA features or about the specification in general, they should be addressed to the DITA Technical Committee. In particular if they pertain directly to the specification, you should send comments to the "dita-comment" mailing list:

But if you are a DITA user (as opposed to someone developing applications that support DITA in some way) you may benefit more from reading documentation about your own DITA tools than from reading the DITA specification itself. 


Tom Magliery

On 2020-01-12 16:58, Ron Wheeler wrote:

Is there any way to fix ?

The descriptions are very cryptic and often seem almost self-referential.
The examples are often edge cases and only show one possible use of a language feature that can appear in many other contexts and have many attributes applied.

It appears to be no longer maintained. Most pages have not been touched in many years.

At the very least the examples should have been augmented to cover more of the features described in the specification. is also another place where some work could be done.
I believe some error codes are missing in is not up to date. This group is not mentioned for starters.

I am not sure that adding another wiki is the best answer. Fixing and expanding some of the existing resources might be more productive.

It is very odd that a community of technical writers has such poor and disorganized documentation.

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