Re: DITA and Git: Minimizing merge conflicts #version-control #change-management


On Thu, Dec 19, 2019 at 05:03 AM, Kristen James Eberlein wrote:
The technical writer works hard on improving the content. But approval for deploying the content falls to product management. When they do review the content, they want to tweak words, and so postpone deploying the content for a cycle. Next cycle, they want to cherry pick what is deployed: "I'm good with this; it can go. No, this needs more work; it should wait for another release."
Yikes...  What a PM nightmare.  Why is PM always so difficult to work with?  What you're trying to do is apply a tool that counts on technical discipline to a workflow that counts on social lack of discipline.  The first thing I would do as a manager is lay out the manual process that is required to support this lack of discipline, and assign a cost to it.  Nothing is free.  If they want to insist on their work flow, then they need to assume the cost in both budget and schedule.  You could expect a combination of them increasing their discipline, and build managers coming up with ways to more easily accommodate their requirements.  I know that doesn't specifically answer your question, but I can't help myself.

Using local/remote versions of the feature branch, you could just hold off on commits until you have the OK from PM.  That plus stash will work up until you need to add new files. 

Another thing that might help could be smaller feature branches.  How is it possible, for a given "feature", that some changes are good to go and others are not?  Are these all changes about the same thing?  In what world is it ok to correct half of a feature, and leave the other half incorrect?  I would explore whether their concept of a "feature" is the same as yours, and see if you can adjust the chunking of your feature branches.

Not coming up with much more...  You need to brainstorm on this.  But the key feature I see here is that it is not strictly a technical problem.  I think there's a social aspect as well.  I'm a naturally obnoxious person, and so I would shine some light on the social problems.  Not clear that you have that option...

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