Re: Debugging XSLT transforms with Visual Studio Code #DITA-OT #XSLT

Mark Giffin

You can do a lot with Framemaker and PDF, even if it's structured Framemaker. But if you want to automate the PDF configuration you have made, I believe you need to use something called Framemaker Server. Last I checked, Framemaker Server was about $8000. I'm not sure if your CCMS would support it easily. I think the new Adobe DITA CCMS (an add-on to Adobe Experience Manager) supports Fm Server.

But most likely, in my opinion, the DITA OT is the best way to go. Every DITA CCMS I know of supports it.


On 12/17/2019 2:55 PM, nyxys21@... wrote:
Thanks for the info Mark. It doesn't look like Visual Studio is a good option for debugging DITA-OT. I saw the XSLT debugger and thought there might be a way to get it to work. 

I am just doing PDF output for now. The company I work for is going to be using a CCMS and I would like to have the DITA-OT plugins ready to go.

Isn't the Save As PDF in FrameMaker more for unstructured or structured FrameMaker files? It doesn't seem like a good option for saving DITA files as PDF.

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