Re: DITA and Git: Minimizing merge conflicts #version-control #change-management


One thing I didn't address is merging a SUBSET of your feature branch into develop...  Wow...  That never even occurred to me.  I guess I would handle that by controlling my commits to my local version of the feature branch, and only push out committed changes to the remote version of the feature branch.  And then I would merge from the remote version, not the local.  Caveat here...  Our environment is set up with GitLab to handle merges, and it requires (or maybe just REALLY encourages) that you merge from a remote branch.  So that kind of split is possible. 

But I don't recommend it, for a number of reasons:
  • You're not in sync with anybody else who might be using that remote version of the feature branch
  • You're not in sync with what you will merge into develop -- This means if you test your work, you're not testing what you're merging!
  • It doesn't feel good to me...  I like a singular concept of "ready to go".

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