Issue with concurrent ant calls to DITA OT 2.5.4 #DITA-OT


We have a multi-thread application, and an integration with DITA-OT throught ant which is called from java.
We are started to face an issue with multiple concurrent ant calls to DITA-OT to run transformations, so when two threads or more run the ant call from java to DITA-OT, it randomly starts to generate an error reading the build_preprocess file.
It seems at the same time when one thread is trying to read the build_preprocess, another thread is deleting it; the build_preprocess is generated in the folder DITA-OT\plugins\org.dita.base
Is there a way to fix the issue, o have DITA-OT to support concurrent requests to run transformations?
This is what we get randomly:

plugins\org.dita.base\build_preprocess.xml:79: Failed to read job file: Content is not allowed in trailing section.

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