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Mica Semrick

Hi all,

In my mind you can't just strip space from <p> inside elements like <li> or a table cell, since multiparagraph table cells and list items are a thing people want to do.

The minimal markup in this case is:
<li>First part
<p>second part</p>

This will give your list item and paragraph proper spacing.

If you're using an editor that supports schematron rules, you could craft a rule that gently nags authors when they use something like <li><p>too much space!</p></li>.


On December 4, 2019 7:44:53 PM PST, "Nicholas Mucks via Groups.Io" <urbanrobots@...> wrote:
Hi Bernard,

On a personal note, I started in dita as a tech writer and wanted “pure” block elements, so no embedded p tags. Over time, and as I moved into an information architecture role, I find p elements to be very practical. Your plugins just need to handle inconsistent markup by stripping the p of top and bottom space when in tables or other elements. You can add Schematron patterns to help writers use better markup. 

This might be helpful:

Take care,
- Nick

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On Dec 4, 2019, at 1:45 PM, Bernard Aschwanden <bernard.aschwanden@...> wrote:

Anyone run into a situation where someone has said "we don't want to use the <p> element in things like note, li, entry, and so on". The <p> element is to be used directly in the <conbody> and the like only. Basically dropping it everywhere. When asked what they'll do if they need two paragraphs in a table cell or a list item (for example) the response is "we'll figure it out later".

Anyone have a good article or a link or ideas on why they SHOULD use the <p> element in all cases? Or a good solution to their other approach? What if they DO NOT use the <p> and later discover they should? The content will be in a CCMS, so if there is a need to make mass structural changes later it can introduce its own set of issues.

The logic was that they don't want to train authors to insert the <p> element if they work with, for example, the <li>. The reasoning is that, clearly this isn't the way you would create a note, li, entry, and so on since "DITA doesn't need the <p> tag and wants to use as few tags as possible".

Genuinely interested in seeing if there are legit arguments on both sides here. We know for sure that, at present, there are cells and lists where items need two or more paragraphs. The same for notes and cautions.



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