Re: Why use conref instead of conkeyref? #conref

Mica Semrick


You should use a conref where the language does not need to vary per publication. For example, if your legal department approves a set of caution and warnings that should not change.

If you use conkeyref everywhere, you may end up with extra work recreating the key map for every publication.

I've also generally found that indirect linking is quite challenging for most authors to wrap their minds around.

- m

On November 26, 2019 3:13:12 PM PST, Jonathan Hanna <jhanna@...> wrote:
Being new to DITA, I am trying to understand cases where conref should be used instead of conkeyref. As far as I can tell, conkeyref can do anything conref can do with the added benefit of indirect addressing. The only advantage I can see to conref is that it is more straightforward to use since it does not require a keydef in a map.

Is there anything I am missing? Other than ease of use, is there any reason to use conref instead of conkeyref?


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