Re: Page and Column breaks #PDF


John says, "I'm guessing many of us using DITA receive similar feedback from reviewers that they don't like how text flows in documents...."

For quite some time we used FrameMaker to publish our PDFs.  That's right...  Generate a FrameMaker book, then manually paginate.  This is really the only (affordable) way to get exquisite page breaks. The range of decisions is just too great to devise a general approach.  As Eliot points out, it depends on page format, document design, styles, and even the type of content (tables, lists, etc.). 

In a previous life I implemented a FrameMaker plugin that would try a range of changes in order of preference to fit everything on a page.  That was for the end-page, only...  It could be extended to go one page at a time, I suppose (if I had saved the code!!!).  AFIK, there have been layout programs in the past (perhaps Quark???) that do these types of try-by-rule processes.  In fact, Quark probably does offer something you can do.  But again, that's pouring your DITA into a DTP system and using what it has to offer.

We have since abandoned FrameMaker as our PDF engine.  We're a tiny team producing lots of doc.  We need the push-button output that DITA is able to deliver.  We switched to oXygen and Chemistry.  That is great, but not even close in the quality of pagination.  CSS is just not rich enough to handle the nuances.  We hard-code attributes in some elements to not break.  But there's no concept of TRY not to break (AFIK). 

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