note type vs othertype #specialization

Stuart Norton <>

I'm looking for some suggestions on how to represent custom note types in DITA... We have a couple of custom note types, such as a "best practice" that is presented with a special icon. In DITA, it looks like we could either:
1. Permit new attribute values: e.g. note with type = "best-practice"
2. Use type = "other" with othertype = "best-practice" (and configure the editor to suggest that option so authors don't have to remember/type it)


It seems like #2 is what the DITA designers intended, but #1 seems like it would be a bit more straightforward for the authors to use.

(I am not clear on whether #1 would actually be considered a specialization, since it seems to break the usual rules for specialization by expanding the available values?)

Any recommendations?


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