Looking for more modern alternatives to Eclipsehelp Infocenters #next-generation #content-delivery

Jeff Hooker

Hi all,

About 12 years ago I started deploying Eclipse Infocenters at the semiconductor design house I work at. We had huge register data sets that I needed to make searchable as well as a growing Docbook-based CMS, and freestanding Eclipse Infocenters served us well as a way of mashing these two things together.

Today we still have huge register data sets, but the CMS has moved to DITA and the number of places to which we deploy our content has grown by leaps and bounds.

Infocenters, unfortunately, have stayed the same. While they are still great for accessing content via a browser and their search feature is unmatched, we need to be able to serve content to phones and tablets and an increasing number of default browser settings conflict with the needs of the Infocenter interface.

Therefore, I'm looking for the next mass-distribution tool. I'm not so optimistic to think that it's going to be free, but fortunately I have a lot more budget that I did at the beginning.

Here's what I'm looking for: 
1. Responsive design.
2. Supports context sensitive help (via topic numbers; not via embedding URLs in code).
3. A strong search feature (supports phrase, AND, OR at the least)
4. Allows help packages to be added and removed without having to regenerate the whole help system.
5. Can handle help sets of over 100,000 topics.
6. Can be run on a desktop or from a web server.
7. Licensing available for unrestricted distribution (not reselling, obviously, but I don't want to have to deal with the noise of having to purchase and track a new license every time I find a new use for it)

Does anyone have any names for me?


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