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Kristen James Eberlein

Chris, thanks for chiming in. Lots of food for thought in your response.

I did want to quickly say that this thread is not only for "true old timers"; I'd like to hear from everyone. What do you think are DITA successes? Failures? Pain points? It would be good to keep the discussion within the context of a retrospective of how well DITA has accomplished what it was designed for.

I probably would not qualify as a "true old timer in DITA." My training is as a historian, and I migrated into technical communication when I went to work at IBM (as a contractor) in 2001. While I was part of a beta test of DITA in 2002, I did not start using DITA on a daily basis until 2005. I joined OASIS as an individual member in 2007, in order to be part of the Editorial Board for, which was then a very active user site. In 2008, I became active with the DITA TC ...


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On 11/22/2019 6:50 AM, despopoulos_chriss via Groups.Io wrote:
I'm not a true old-timer in DITA, but I've been around markup since before XML (can you say Sounds Great Maybe Later). I think for your list of requirements DITA was designed to address, the results are generally good.  I will say that this one requirement has surprised me in practice:
"Ease of sharing source content with business partners"

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