Re: OT2.3.3 file reuse w/ and w/o conref #DITA-OT

OT added a "ensure unique" runtime parameter sometime in the 2.x release--not sure exactly when.

When you have a conref in a topic and you are using key scopes, the conref could result in different resolved results for the same referencing topic included in multiple key scopes. In that case you really must create separate result HTML files (or the functional equivalent--see my talk from the last DITA Europe held in Munich).

In the face of this requirement, the easiest thing for a processor to do is to always create new HTML result files for each use of a topic. Historically OT did not do this and so does not do it in all cases unless you set "ensure unique" to "true".



Eliot Kimber

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In DITA-OT 2.3.3 if you reuse a topic multiple times in the same map structure and produce XHTML, the output does not have multiple topics--it only has the first one it finds. This creates sad breadcrumbs.
However, if that topic happens to include a conref, then the DITA-OT creates multiple topics, each appended with an incremented number. This creates happy breadcrumbs.

Is the reason it works ok when a conref exists that we handle the topic differently during the preprocessing phase? Can we make all topics create a unique output / copy-to for each instance of that file in the ditamap structure?


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