How are you using Learning and Training?

Jonathan Hanna


My team is looking to implement the Learning and Training (L&T) specialization into our content. Unfortunately, there is not much information out there regarding its use, so I am curious how others have implemented L&T. If you have made use of it, I was hoping you may be able to answer some questions we have:

1. For what purpose are you using L&T (examples: internal training, customer training, primary/secondary school curriculum)?

2. How do you distinguish instructor materials from student materials? Do you use different topics (for example, learningOverview for instructors, learningContent for students) or conditional processing?

3. Do you use the learningPlan or learningSummary topics? If so, how have you been making use of these?

4. What do you consider as a "learning object?" An assignment? A lesson? A course? Would instructor and student materials be contained in a single learning object or separate learning objects?


Jonathan Hanna

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