DITA for Practitioners: Stuck on Ch 3, Step 10

Jonathan Hanna

I am trying to work through the tutorial in Chapter 3 of DITA for Practitioners and I am stuck on Authoring Step 10. In particular, I run into problems on step 10 on pages 66-67. In this step, I am supposed to fix an issue with a broken link in the HTML output. The link is broken due to the topic not being below the root map.

The link remains broken after I completed the substeps of step 10. The only thing I can attribute this to is step 10d. In this step, I am supposed to set the value of generate.copy.outer to "2." However, the only options I have are "1" and "3." I changed the value to "3" since I did not have any other choice.

After running the HTML transform, the topic referenced in the map was generated in the "out" directory, but it is not being linked to correctly in the index file. The index file is located at:


In this HTML file, the referenced topic has the following link:


The file is actually located at:


As you can see, the link is missing the xhtml directory.

Is the cause of this issue due to not being able to select "2" for generate.copy.outer? I'm guessing things may have changed since this book was published. Is there another way to fix this?


Jonathan Hanna

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