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Thanks Roger! Is there a way to read inside the jar file from the command line? I know I can do dita -version but with older OTs I used to be able to do this to get the version:

java -jar lib\dost.jar -version

But now this gives me the error "no main manifest attribute, in lib/dost.jar".

I'm experimenting with calling the class (like dita.bat does) from the command line but no luck yet.

Mark Giffin
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On 11-May-19 4:06 PM, 'Roger Sheen' infotexture@... [dita-users] wrote:

On Friday, 2019-05-10, at 19:15 CEST, Scott Prentice [dita-users] wrote:

It looks like as of OT 3.1.2, the lib/ file was removed ..

I was using this file to determine the OT version based on the root path to an OT installation. The release notes indicate that the configuration properties are now stored in config/ .. but the property I was reading, "otversion", is missing from this file. Was that an intentional change? Is there another file that identifies the OT version?

Hi Scott,

See for the rationale behind this change and instructions on how to read the otversion property from the file embedded in dost.jar.

Hope that helps,


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