Re: [Off topic] xml_grep is a wonderful tool!

Mark Giffin

I just ran across this old post, and the xml_grep tool looks pretty good. I installed the same package name as Mica (xml-twig-tools) on Ubuntu 16 (under Windows Subsystem for Linux, recommended) and it looks useful. I assume you could install something similar under MacOS.

Another great option for XML-aware multifile searching is Oxygen XML editor. Use Find > Find/Replace in Files, and select Enable XML search options. It enables you to do all kinds of stuff, including using XPath expressions. I've been using it for many years. Oxygen also has a terrific XML diff tool.

Mark Giffin
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On 15-Jan-16 9:06 AM, Mica Semrick mica@... [dita-users] wrote:

I had the need to search through all of our topics and extract the title name from each file. After quite a few attempts in gnu grep, sed, perl (I'm bad at perl), and awk, I did a little searching and stumbled upon xml_grep, which is an XML aware grep implementation. I was able to get the search and title extract done very quickly after that.

xml_grep is part of the xml-twig-tools package on Debian systems.


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