Re: OT 3.3 PDF with FOP broken

The latest OT versions manage the class path automatically and in a way that is different from how it used to be done.

To run the OT from Ant I use the exec command (this is for macOS/linux/bash under Windows, for Windows you'd need a slightly different incantation to invoke the dita.bat script):

<exec dir="${dita-ot-dir}/bin" executable="/bin/bash">
<arg value="dita"/>
<arg value='"--install=${zip.file}"'/>
<arg value="--force"/>

That way you get all of the dita command's class pathy goodness.



Eliot Kimber

´╗┐On 3/8/19, 2:59 PM, " [dita-users]" <> wrote:

Okay, so I just tested using the dita command line and it works. So....? Is there an issue with ANT, then?

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