Re: PDF output in Chinese

Mica Semrick

Hi Andrew,

If you mean this paragraph:

> You can test to try and eliminate some points of failure by feeding some non Rita chinese content directly to XEP (use the same XEP config your use for the DOT). Then you can exclude or include XEP as being part of the problem.

I mean get some Chinese content, either the from your dita build or another piece of chinese content, then open XEP (if you have it installed on your machine, if not, maybe try and get a trial version), then feed the chinese content in XEP and see if it formats correct. Then change the fonts, and test with XEP again.

You want to figure out where in the publishing pipeline the failure occurs. It is either in the fonts declared by your DITA-OT plugin, or in XEP itself. By testing XEP, you can narrow the scope of your troubleshooting.


On 1/7/19 8:48 AM, andrewcameron819@... [dita-users] wrote:
Hi Mica,

Thank you for replying.

Yes, I suspected that Adobe Acrobat was able to interpret the font for the TOC/bookmarks, but not the actual content.

I am not quite sure what you mean in your second paragraph. Can you possibly expand on this in more detail? i.e. how would I go about this?

I can confirm that the fonts are installed on my machine.

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