[Off Topic] Extend Your DITA Reuse with Keys 3 Dec 2018 9AM PT

Liz Fraley

Title:  Extend Your DITA Reuse with Keys

When: Monday, 3 December 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM PDT

Register:  http://bit.ly/2SuljKo


A crucial benefit of moving to a structured authoring environment is the ability to easily reuse content. Text entities, file entities and now with the DITA standard there is also keys and keyrefs. This DITA key method allows a user to create a placeholder for text, file paths or graphics. Join Pushpinder Toor in the TC Dojo for a short discussion and demonstration on how to define keys, use keyrefs and take advantage of this versatile reuse mechanism switch.

Visiting Dojo Master:   Pushpinder Toor, Director of Product Management at PTC, responsible for leading the vision and strategy for authoring, creating, and managing information using the Arbortext suite of products. In her 19 years in the industry, Pushpinder has trained customers on structured XML authoring, DTD implementations, and authoring best practices. She is a member of the DITA Technical Committee.


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Register: https://www.single-sourcing.com/events/extend-your-dita-reuse-with-keys/

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