Re: Call a DITA transformation from Subversion

Mica Semrick

It sounds like you want some sort f Continuous Integration (CI), such as Jenkins, Gitlab, or Build Bot. Ask one of your build engineers about it. There are already docker containers available fr the dita ot.


On November 23, 2018 6:18:55 AM PST, "'Chris Brand' chrizzbee74@... [dita-users]" wrote:

Hi group


I have stored my DITA sources including the Open Toolkit and related .ditaval files in a Subversion repository. The repository contains additional batch-scripts that I can use to start a publication without using Oxygen. When I check out the repository to a working copy on my client, my batch scripts work like a charm because everything needed for the publication is locally available.


My question is: can I create a batch-script that calls directly the sources in Subversion and also sets paths and everything required for the Open Toolkit stored on Subversion? The idea is that engineers can start a publication of a certain document without having the repository checked out on their machines. Is this possible?


Thank you for pointers in this direction.





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