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Mark Giffin

Google Analytics is probably the easiest way to find out what pages are being accessed. However I'm not sure how GA works with a secure site that is not exposed to the internet. Maybe it just works, but the GA code you put in your HTML pages needs to talk to the Google borg in some way, so they can generate reports pages and so on.

But if you can get access to your web server logs from the web server that hosts your webhelp, you can get the same information on pages accessed. Plus with the web logs you can probably figure out the search terms being searched for. This would be more work than using GA, but it can probably give you more info.

By the way I assume by "search" you mean the full-text search that gets generated with Oxygen webhelp. But since this is an internal help system, maybe you are using some other search platform like Solr, Elasticsearch or Lucene. In that case, those tools have ways to tell you what terms are being searched for.

Mark Giffin
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On 10/1/2018 8:10 AM, Nicholas Mucks urbanrobots@... [dita-users] wrote:

Hi Ann,

We gather analytics on some of our webhelp outputs. You’ll need to set up your GA account and include a script tag in the header or footer of each page that points to one of your account’s tracking IDs.

By the way, all, we’ve had debates about the ethics of capturing user traffic with GA. We have some people who are against gathering this information on privacy grounds and others who push for GA in order to improve the docs. This becomes especially sensitive when developing docs delivered internationally.

Take care,
- Nick

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On Oct 1, 2018, at 1:55 AM, Radu Coravu radu_coravu@... [dita-users] <dita-users@...> wrote:


Hi Ann,

For the Oxygen user's manual which is produced also with WebHelp
responsive we add to each HTML page a custom footer with a reference to
Google Analytics:

I'm not sure if we have an API to give you access to the searched words.
Maybe you can write to "support@..." about this use case and
if we do not have support for it we could add some in a future version.


Radu Coravu
XML Editor

On 10/1/2018 11:18 AM, ann.jensen74@... [dita-users] wrote:
> Hi,
> We develop our product documentation in DITA (Oxygen XML
> Author), publish using Oxygen WebHelp and deploy it to a secure site
> (only accessible via our web-based product). We would like to gather
> information on what pages our users are accessing and what keywords
> people are searching for.
> Is anyone else managing to gather this information from WebHelp
> published content for the purpose reporting and analytics?
> Any feedback appreciated,
> Regards,
> Ann

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