[Off Topic] Is Your #DITA Output Ugly? #tcdojo free webinar 10 Sept 2018 9AM PT

Liz Fraley

Title: Is Your DITA Output Ugly?

When: Monday, 10 September 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM PDT

Register:  http://bit.ly/2OwnY4e 


We’ve all been on our computers a long time. We use website builders like WordPress rather than code HTML by hand. Arbortext Styler is taking DITA styling to a whole other level. It’s taking features from other user experiences and bringing them in to a world that has been clunky and code-editor driven!

With Styler, create styling libraries like you create content libraries. Change styling and generated text once and change it everywhere. Design faster. Implement faster. Save time and bring value to yourself and to your companies. In this TC Dojo, get a look at Styler and learn how you can make pretty DITA output.


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Register: https://www.single-sourcing.com/events/dita-output-doesnt-have-to-be-ugly/

New this month:  Do you use Slack?

We're going to have a live Slack chat during the TC Dojo session in October when easyDITA will be coming to talk about Reuse. 

The Slack channel will preserve the discussion in a way that the questions during a webinar never do. 

If you want to join our TC Dojo Slack channel, you're welcome to do so. At least one of us (probably me) will be monitoring the channels during the daytime (Pacific/US).

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