Re: Font Library - Libre/Open Fonts

Mica Semrick

Another excellent resource is which catalogs fonts that you can use commercially for free.


On 08/27/2018 07:01 AM, David Hollis dhollis@... [dita-users] wrote:
Every so often, someone asks about suitable open source fonts for a project.
I recently stumbled across: Font Library <>, which has a staggering number of open source fonts: Font LibrarySupported Licenses <>. It includes a number of Google fonts. Font Library Libre/Open Fonts <>.
Language support is excellent: Font Library Orthographies <>. Some fonts have a very broad character set, whilst others concentrate on one particular language.
There are a number of monospaced fonts which have been tweaked for code or markup. Also several math fonts.
A few font families include sans and serif, and in some cases, mono & math too: DejaVu <>, Liberation <>, Libertinus <>, Noto <>.
There are fonts optimised for print, or the web. Every font has instructions for web use.
There are a number of open source versions of 'classic' font designs, which would hopefully keep the 'brand police' happy. Brand police don't always consider fonts for translation.
Whilst it is a bit out of date, there is even a font for pranksters: Open Sans Y2K <>.
Finally, it includes many links to other Libre/Open Fonts <>.

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