Re: building on linux font issues

Mica Semrick

Sorry I didn't see this until now!

The standard place for fonts on most Linux distributions is either /usr/share/fonts/ and /home/username/.fonts/

In addition, installing fonts, such as the MS TTF fonts, from the package manager will automatically make the fonts available to the system.

If you need to refresh the list of fonts, you can issue this command in the terminal:

fc-cache -fv


On 03/15/2018 06:42 AM, Alastair Dent alastairdent@... [dita-users] wrote:
Problem solved. The user didn't have any fonts installed. They have added the MS fonts and everything is appearing as it should.
On Thu, Mar 15, 2018 at 11:46 AM, Alastair Dent <alastairdent@... <mailto:alastairdent@...>> wrote:
I'm using FOP, no custom font locations.
Multiple people are using 'my' plugins on multiple machines
(including an automated build server), but all on Windows. No issues
with fonts.
On Thu, Mar 15, 2018 at 11:41 AM, Eric Sirois easirois@...
<mailto:easirois@...> [dita-users]
<dita-users@... <mailto:dita-users@...>> wrote:
Hi Alastair,
What rendering engine are you using? If AH, there is a default
config files for the fonts. I have seen something similar with
that rendering engine and it was due to missing fonts on the
Linux system.
Are you using a custom font location as well?  That was the
issue with the client as well. You may be missing a font in that
particular location.  If they removed the custom location, then
everything was fine.
Hope this helps,
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On Thursday, March 15, 2018, 7:33 AM, Alastair Dent <mailto:alastairdent@...>
[dita-users] <dita-users@...
<mailto:dita-users@...>> wrote:
One of our engineers is trying to build (using dita-ot
2.4.4) on Linux. All text in the resulting pdf is in a font
similar to Times, rather than Arial.
The plugin uses
<logical-font name="Sans">
      <physical-font char-set="default">
Has anyone seen this before and have a solution?

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