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Mica Semrick

That is also a good approach, Bob.

In a previous DITA implementation, we had just used a conref ph to make the TMMC.

With this approach, it is dead simple to add new versions of the TM for other countries.


On November 2, 2016 9:55:28 AM PDT, "bob.thomas@... [dita-users]" wrote:
Hi Danielle,

Unicode character 1F16A belongs to the Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement block in Unicode (Range: 1F100–1F1FF). You are going to have a difficult time finding a font that contains a glyph (printable character) for that code point. For example, Microsoft's Arial Unicode MS does not contain glyphs for Unicode characters above FFFD.

Mica's suggestion sounds like it might be the best that you can do. One way to do that for PDF is to create a PDF2 customization that overrides the topic/tm template in commons.xsl. The following replacement ought to work:

                        Error in tm type.

Your application suggests that the pdf2 transform ought to be using a local sensitive variable for tm rather than ™

Best Regards,
Bob Thomas
Tagsmiths, LLC

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