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Mica Semrick


Try chunk="to-content by-document"


On October 22, 2016 11:45:47 AM PDT, "Pierre Attar pat@... [dita-users]" wrote:
Hi eliott,

I'm using dita4publishers-0.9.18-14

my map is the following  :


Wgere I wat a file for chap_01-01, chap_02-02, etc.

Regards, pierre
Le 22/10/2016 à 13:31, Eliot Kimber ekimber@... [dita-users] a écrit :
What version of the EPUB transform are you using?

If you're using the @chunk attribute in a map then the chunking is done as part of preprocessing and therefore should be reflected in the EPUB. It's pretty typical, for example, to chunk at the chapter level. There were some bugs related to correct generation of links when content was chunked but those should be fixed in the latest versions.

When you say "only chunk level 1 and 2 topics" what precisely do you mean? Can you show your map markup?



Eliot Kimber

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DITA epub generation, from dita4Publishers, is chunking HTML files on
the basis of topics.
Is there a way to manage the chunking algorithm: I need to chunk only
level 1 and 2 topicrefs og my main map.

Note: i've tested the @chunk attribute of a map topicrefs but it seems
that it is not taken into account.

Thanks for sharing ideas,


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