Re: Adding Bootstrap Plugins to Oxygen 18 Responsive Webhelp

Mica Semrick

The dita4publishers bootstrap plugin is responsive currently and can be further customized by using the bootstrap framework, which is quite well documented. It does however need a bit more TLC; I hope to have some patches to send up stream in the near future.


On October 6, 2016 1:58:48 PM PDT, "Tiffany Sonny danceswthhorses@... [dita-users]" wrote:
As of my last attempt at customizing the responsive help there is no clean way - you have to hack the toolkit. PM me if you want specifics.

Tiffany Sonny

On Oct 6, 2016, at 1:13 PM, Mica Semrick mica@... [dita-users] <dita-users@...> wrote:


I haven't, but there is a bootstrap plugin provided by dita4publishers here:


On October 6, 2016 12:57:07 PM PDT, "dgallo810@... [dita-users]" <dita-users@...> wrote:

Has anyone tried to add a bookstrap plugin to Oxygen 19 responsive webhelp?

I would love to add the Table of Contents plugin for bootsrap for topics that have multiple sections, such as Reference topics or chunked topics.

Table of Contents plugin for Bootstrap



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