Re: Custom Chapter Layout based on @outputclass

Dave C

My topics are in a bookmap, so they are like this.

<chapter outputclass="landscape" href="..../>

For the messages, I put one in each choose and a test beforehand. 

<xsl:if test="if(@outputclass) then false() else true()">
<xsl:message>No Outputclass</xsl:message>

The test above always returns true.

<xsl:when test="@outputclass = 'landscape'">
               <xsl:message>Landscape Text</xsl:message>

I never get the "Landscape Text" message.

I tried changing @outputclass = 'landscape' to //@outputclass = 'landscape', but this always returns true as long as it is true anywhere in the map. I am really stumped here.

Dave C.

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