Applying Metadata to Topics

punyanjan <psen@...>

Hi all,

I have some questions about best practices for applying metadata to

1) Some metadata attributes can be assigned at the topic level (using
%select-atts;). But the prolog or metadata elements do not have (%
select-atts;) as valid attributes. This means that for each topic,
our authors have to apply some metadata at the topic level (eg.
platform, rev, status), and others within the metadata element (eg.
prodinfo, audience, othermeta). It would be nice to consolidate this
if possible.

2) We have additional metadata that we would like to enter for each
topic (eg. output, category, level), with enumerated choices for each
if possible. Should we specialize the metadata element to achieve
this? If so, I guess we would need specialized topics to achieve this.

Puny Sen
Developer, Adobe Systems

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