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Jeremy H. Griffith <jeremy@...>

On Wed, 18 Dec 2013 13:26:06 -0000, "nmcdonagh"
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Not sure this is the best place or not, but I am
looking for ideas on the best way to get feedback
on published DITA content, so that we can collaborate
with SME's collect their comments,
Most SMEs on Windows seem to prefer Word for review.
DIYA2Go (free) can produce Word files with Track Changes
locked on, so it is easy for them to comment and for you
to find the comments.

and then pull their comments back into our DITA content.
That you'd need to do by hand, with copy/paste. But
SME comments are rarely appropriate for insertion
as-is anyway. ;-)

I know one option could be using LiveContent with Reach
etc but are there other options out there, right now we
are publishing from our CMS into Eclipse InfoCenters.
You may still need to do that on non-Windows systems.

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