Re: Customization of layout-masters.xsl

Dave C

That is the problem. The 'catalog.xml' only shows a custom path for the the 'layout-masters.XML', but I have my customization in the 'layout-masters.XSL'. I believe the 'layout-masters.XML' is for backwards compatibility (at least that is what it states in the header) but there just doesn't appear to be customization support for the 'layout-masters.XSL'.

Dave C.

--- In, Bertrand Lefort <blefort@...> wrote:

I think it is already built in.

I have in my catalog.xml file :

<uri name="cfg:fo/layout-masters.xml" uri="fo/layout-masters.xml"/>

I also moved my customization directory path by setting property :

<property name="customization.dir"


On 11-09-08 2:46 PM, "Dave Carter" <dac.dave@...> wrote:

I have recently upgraded to DITA-OT 1.5.3 and noticed that several
changes were made to the layout-masters.xsl and the customization
catalog.xml. Does anyone know if adding the layout-masters.xsl to the
catalog.xml is on the roadmap? Right now, if you want to customize the
layout-masters.xsl, you have to edit the cfg/fo/ version, as the version
in th customization folder is ignored. This means that I have to merge my
customizations every time there is an update, which is a bit of a pain.

Dave C.


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